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Thursday, June 9, 2011

An Angel Named Annabell

Yesterday, Mom went back for the second time to get x-rays done, and the machine was broken - again. So, she waited and waited for the machine to be fixed, and waited some more. At the point she thought she couldn't sit any longer, she stood up to wait. After standing up, a sweet, little employee of the Quality Care department came over and asked if she could ask Mom some questions. Mom's reply was, "Oh, honey, I don't think you'll like my answers." Annabell started asking about her waiting experiences at the hospital, which are normally not that bad, considering the number of patients. She asked about her other experiences, and Mom began to tell her about the terrible situations with her OB oncologist and primary care doc. She explained about the letter she wrote and mailed to the hospital's main office, and that she's never received a reply. She explained that she's in limbo, waiting for the doctors to do something for her. Annabell took notes, was kind, and very concerned.

She couldn't have shown up at a better time, when Mom feels like there's no fight left in her, and I'm feeling like I've had to write one too many letters. Hopefully, Annabell will be able to help us see some resolution, and help Mom get well!

Wishing you wellness,

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