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Friday, May 13, 2011

The Ultimate Tool For Life Changing Events

Some friends of ours who are about to have a baby have introduced me to a great site! Carecalendar.org is a free tool for those looking to recruit and organize helpful family/friends/church members to help their loved ones through stressful times. This is a wonderful resource for those who are going through a life changing event like short term or chronic illness, having a baby, or losing a loved one. The calendar is customizable depending on the specific needs of the recipient - meals, transportation, house work, errands, you name it! You can let people know exactly what is needed and when, the calendar shows which needs have been met and which ones still need to be fulfilled, and the site even sends email reminders to those who have signed up to help.

I hope you can use this site as a tool to alleviate stress, maintain wellness for yourself and/or a loved one, and promote the sense of community that we all need throughout different stages of our lives!


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