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Friday, May 20, 2011

You don't always get what you want.......

Tagging onto Chelsea's post:
At Karyn's PCP visit, she went armed with a list of concerns and questions.  Knowing that she probably wouldn't be able to discuss everything, she prioritized. 
  • when would she get an appointment to have her test redone to determine if her cancer was back?
  • why did the Neurologist order an MRI, additional blood work and give her a medication without adequate information on what it was for, risks, benefits or side effects?
  • could the dose on her medication be changed to provide better pain control?
There was much more, but you get the picture.  Fortunately, Dr. V. is familiar with the multitude of problems Karyn has.  While no physician or care provider is perfect, Dr. V. seems to get it and took action.  Instead of the expected "I don't know why he ordered these", she agreed that the MRI and blood work did need to be done, BUT she explained why.  She also discussed the new medication and again felt it was an appropriate choice.  The side effects vs. the benefits were reviewed along with an alternative dosing plan.  Taking the new med would hopefully address the neuropathy pain that just increasing the dose on the old med would not.  The list of questions and anxiety level would have been less had the other physician taken the time to explain

So she didn't get to increase her med dose, didn't get out of having the tests, which is what she wanted.  But maybe she got what she needed.  We're certainly hoping so.

Count your blessings

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